Sewage Repairs Begun

Dear kind hearted supporters,

Tashi Delek to all from the family of BCH. Today, I am happy to inform you all that we have started the repair work for the boy’s bathroom, toilet and its sewerage pipe. We have begun the repair work on the ground floor of third dormitory, which has been empty a long time. I will inform you all of the work from time to time with photos as the work progresses.

This repair project of boy’s bathroom, toilet and its sewerage pipe is very important project, but due to lack of funds, we had not been able to start this project the last couple of years. Since the date Deborah has returned to the United States after her short visit to BCH, she has put all her time and dedication to make this project successful by using different social sites and contacting different people and organization to make this project in reality. With all her dedication and unconditional love and support for BCH, we are able to start this project.

So, on behalf of BCH family would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to her and all the people who are very supportive and kind-hearted that brought this project in reality through their financial support. I also would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the kind-hearted people and organization that are directly or indirectly connected with project.

Attached are some photos, which were taken today as they contractors start their repairing of the bathroom, toilets and outdoor sewer lines. As the work progresses, I will send more detail.

Once again, thank you all for all your love and unconditional support for BCH and its children.

With regards,

Phuntsok Dhargyal
Bon Children’s Home, Dolanji

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