Sponsorship Mandala

The Children at Bön Children’s Home are in need of help.

Caring for and supporting the growth of these children requires the support of donors. You can help by sponsoring one or more children at the Bön Children’s Home.

Your sponsorship helps with housing, clothing, meals and other essential needs. All children are equally important to BCH.

The cost of feeding and housing each child is just $450 a year. $37.50 a month.
Please consider sponsoring a child for this amount or contribute what you can.

You will receive the name and information of your child within two weeks of giving a donation. All donors that sponsor a child will receive a photo of your child and several letters throughout the year from your sponsored child.

Photos of Children Newly Admitted to BCH in 2016.

Further Education
We also ask that people consider making a contribution to the Further Education Fund. This gives graduating students the ability to further their education. The students eligible for the Further Education Fund must have high grade point averages and show their dedication to a higher education.

Home Needs
Our home has several needs to improve the lives of the children in our care. Please consider making a contribution to on our our Home Needs.