Bön Children’s Home faces several challenges and has many ongoing needs.

Please consider contributing to one of the funds below.


Many years ago, we were blessed with one generator.  This generator facilitates the girl’s room, dining hall and the kitchen.  But this is a very old model and is failing.

We are in need of help to obtain a new energy efficient generator to cover the entire Bon Children’s Home.

The cost of a new silent generator would is approximately three Lakh (Rs. 300,000 / $ 4,700 USD ($1 = Rs.64)).

Please Donate for Generator

New Vehicle

At the moment we have only one vehicle (Pickup).  There are times where an emergency arises and we need to take a child and children to hospital in that vehicle, which is not comfortable for patient to travel 15 km. (Dolanji to Solan/Chandigarh). It becomes more difficult when children get sick at night and need to hospitalized at Solan.

In a normal case, our health worker takes children to the hospital either by bus or in rented taxi. So, we really need a small Vehicle, which can be use to carry children to hospital and other purposes as well.

We are looking to buy a Maruti Suzuki Eeco, and the price of vehicle will be around 4 Lakh = ($6250 USD).

Please Donate for New Vehicle

Repairing Boy’s Bathroom and Toilet Sewage Pipe

The boys are facing serious problem do to leakage in their bathroom and toilet sewage pipe. These need to be repaired as soon as possible. Do to leakage in sewerage pipe, it damages the building, on top of being a very serious health issue. It’s really difficult for them to bear the smell and insects gather around the leaking water store near the building. This causes serious health problem for our children. So, we plan to fix this problem as soon as we get fund for this.

It will cost us approximately Three Lakh Rupees (Rs. 300,000/- $ 4,700 USD ($ 1 USD = Rs.64) to fixed this problem.

Please Donate for Pipes