Information on this year’s graduates

Tashi Delek! I am writing this mail to inform you that this year 9 children are going to complete their School Education, which we called them graduate children at the end of this month (March, 2019) and their final Exam of Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) of school education is going on, and it will finish at the end of this month (March, 2019). All the 9 children are going to graduate from Sambhota Tibetan School, Dolanji in Arts Steam. Actually this year we have 10 children in class 12 but unfortunately 1 child had health problem and left for home for medical care.

This is very proud moment for we all that with great love and support of you all this children are able to complete their school education without facing any difficulty during their study period time and we do hope that they do even better after completing their school education. One of the most memorial day of student life is Graduation Day and we are really thankful to all the board members and sponsor for their hard work and dedication which you all have given to this children to make this come true. Without the love and unconditional support of you all, it won’t be possible for BCH only to make their dream come true and able to celebrate this day. Thank you.

List of children who are going to complete their school education 

Sl.NoName of ChildBCH No.
1Bhumo Karma412
2Tashi Dolma420
3Ngawang Dhondup421
4Karma Yangchen435
6Youngdrung Tashi443
7Lhakpa ‘B’444
8Tsering Tashi452
9Sujata Roka494

We do hope that all 9 children who are going to graduate in this month will come out with very good final exam result, which will declare at the end May 2019.  I will let you know whatever the decision they take after completing their school education regarding their further study.

We wish them a very good luck in there exam and pry that all will do their best in their final exam of school life.

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