Report on BCH Bachelor Degree Student

To All the Supporters of BCH,

It’s completely my honor to inform you all that Kunga Lhakpa has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from DAV College, Chandigarh under Punjab University in month of May 2017. Now he has decided to take complete leave from BCH and look for a job in Nepal. The office of BCH accepted his request and has given him permission to leave the BCH on 30th May, 2017.

Short story of Kunga Lhakpa

Kunga Lhakpa was born 16/01/1996 in a small village called Tey (Nepal) as a son of Mr. Samdup and Mrs. Ngachok. He was brought to BCH on 3rd March, 2001by one of his relative at the age of five year old. His basic schooling was started from Central School for Tibetan, Dholanji and in year 2014 he has completed his class 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exam from same school.

After completing his school education, he has express his wish to continue his further study in field of Bachelor of Arts subject under the scholarship program of BCH. By considering his wish and family financial condition, BCH has granted him scholarship to continue his further study. So, on July 2015 he joint DAV College Chandigarh to pursuit his career in filed Bachelor of Arts subject under the scholarship program of BCH. Since then he was studying there and in the month of May, 2017 he completed his bachelor degree from DAV College, Chandigarh under Punjab University.

By taking this opportunities, I on behave all the staff members of BCH would like to convey our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all members of Foundation and supporter for their unconditional love and support towards his study as well as for BCH. Once again thank you all for all of your support and hoping that your love and support towards BCH will continue in future as well.

We wish him a very successful life and bright future after leaving BCH.

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