Summer Vacation at BCH

Summer vacation has come to the BCH!  From June 6 to June 24, the BCH school will be closed for summer vacation.

For most of the children, however, summer vacation will not be as we remember it.  Only a few children, those whose parents live near Solan, will actually go home for summer vacation.

The others will remain at the BCH.

And while there will be no classes, the children will practice music and dance for the BCH’s Foundation Day, which is celebrated every year on July 1. The children will also practice for the school  music and dance competition, to be held on July 6, the day of H.H. the Dalia Lama’s birthday.  They will also work on school projects that have been given by their teachers.

And for additional relaxation, the children will be allowed to enjoy some television programs after lunch.

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