Offering children the best possible education in their own language and culture in a safe and caring environment.

Located in Dolanji, India, The Bön Children’s Home provides housing, food, clothing, medical care and education to approximately 200 Bön children, aged 4 – 19 years. The Bon Children’s Home has a staff of eight to care for the children.

The children study at the local school, Central School for Tibetan, Dolanji (C.S.T Dolanji), made available by the Indian government. The children receive cultural education in their native Bon culture and Tibetan language, and also study Hindi, English, and general education courses.

The Bon people live in the greater Himalaya region, predominantly Tibet, India, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan.  Most of them live in rural areas where there are few services and little opportunity for education.  Some of the children at the Bon Children’s Home are orphans, but most have been sent by their parents, who are unable to care for them, and hope their children will have an opportunity for an education and a better life.


The Bon Children’s Home in Dolanji was established in July 1988. The purpose is to provide living space as well as the opportunity to study for the children in Bön Communities of Bhutan, Sikkim, Tibet, Nepal and India. This is for children whose parents wish their children to receive an education in an environment where they can develop a deeper understanding of their old tradition of Bön religion – Tibet’s oldest pre-Buddhist religion and the indigenous source of Tibetan culture.

BCH has grown from 45 children to at times more than 280, ranging in ages from four to eighteen. More than 30 children have gone on to higher education and or vocational training – an extraordinary record of success.

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Bon Children’s Home, (BCH)
Dolanji, P.O.- Kotla-Panjola
Via: Oachghat-Solan
Distt. Sirmur-173223, (H.P), INDIA
Phone: +91 1799 253056
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